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In memory of Andrew Bruce (1962-2017), who ran the website with its founder Paul Rance for over a decade.

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Includes books for sale from many authors and on many subjects, plus lots of biographies and reviews.

Includes music CDs, DVDs, videos, books for sale, plus biographies and discographies on many artists.

Includes DVDs and videos for sale, film star biographies and filmographies, plus lots of classic film reviews.

Includes DVDs and videos for sale of top TV shows and performers, including comedy, drama, science fiction, and children's. Also lots of summaries and info on TV shows from the 1950s to now.

Other pages of interest... Science Fiction & Fantasy Pages Index Comedy Index - summaries/biographies of great comedy shows and stars Drama Index - summaries and info on great TV dramas

Our Football Index - links to all things footie

Being St. Francis by Paul Rance. How society and we as humans can improve to make a better world. These are two extracts from the book: Paul Rance Rants Against Hunting and The Kirby Misperton Effect.


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Paul Rance - Made in Luton Paperback Cover

Made in Luton Page on; Extracts from Paul Rance's book, Made in Luton

A ride through the memories of author Paul Rance, growing up in Luton in Bedfordshire;  from childhood to young adulthood in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, and of the popular culture and national and international events of the time that continue to influence our lives today.

Made in Luton: The Boy with the Sad Brown Eyes:

Read the first chapter of Paul Rance's illustrated green fiction Kindle ebook for the climate conscious, From Ecocide to Eden, here. 


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