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The Bronte Sisters
The Bronte Sisters are the most famous family in English literature. Emily Bronte (1818-1848) wrote the novel Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855) wrote the novels Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette and Professor, and Anne Bronte (1820-1849) wrote the novels Agnes Grey and The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall. The sisters also wrote poetry, and all died tragically young.

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Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights
Author: Emily Bronte
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Bronte, Stevie Davies
Product image for ASIN: 0140621083 Agnes Grey
Author: Anne Bronte
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Author: Anne Bronte
Product image for ASIN: 185326072X Villette
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Product image for ASIN: 1853260649 Shirley
Author: Charlotte Bronte
The Complete Novels (Collector's Library Editions)
Product image for ASIN: 1853262080 Professor
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Product image for ASIN: 048629529X Best Poems of the Bronte Sisters
Author: Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte
Product image for ASIN: 0140423524 The Complete Poems
Author: Emily Bronte, Janet Gezari Bronte Sisters Books

Jane Eyre (Signet Classics (Paperback))
Charlotte Bronte; Paperback
Wuthering Heights (Penguin Classics)
Emily Bronte; Paperback
Villette (Modern Library Classics)
Charlotte Bronte; Paperback
Charlotte and Emily Bronte: The Complete Novels : Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Shirley, Villette, the Professor (Literary Classics)
Charlotte Bronte; Hardcover









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