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Old-style BBC detective series from 1989 and 1990, with Peter Davison.

- Paul Rance/

Campion Cast List

Peter Davison as Albert Campion
Brian Glover as Magersfontein Lugg
Andrew Burt as Chief Inspector Stanislaus Oates
Moray Watson as Sir Leo Pursuivant
Iain Cuthbertson as Brett Savanake
Brian Greene as Judge Crowdy Lobbett
Robert Lang as John Barnabas
Ian Ogilvy as Jimmy Sutane
Gordon Jackson as Professor Gardner Cairey
Jean Anderson as Belle Lafcadio
Michael Gough as Mr. Hayhoe
Mary Morris as Caroline Faraday
Pippa Guard as Linda Sutane
Barrie Ingham as Ritchie Barnabas
Gary Parker as Marlowe Lobbett
Richard Pearson as Dr. Galley
Barbara Jefford as Mrs. Daisy Shannon
John Fortune as Dr. Brian Kingston
Shaughan Seymour as Max Fustian
Timothy West as William Faraday
Lysette Anthony as Amanda Fitton
Neil Daglish as Michael Barnabas
Nina Marc as Eve Sutane
Lisa Orgolini as Isopel Lobbett
Robin Lermitte as Val Gyrth
Sally Spencer Harris as Mary Fitton
Suzanne Burden as Joyce Blount
Isabel Dean as Donna Beatrice
Rob Edwards as Gilbert Whippet
Andrew Castell as Sir Giles Pagett
Nicolas Chagrin as 'Squire' Mercer
Amanda Royle as Gina Brande
Sarah Finch as Penny Gyrth
Rosalie Crutchley as Lisa
John Harding as Marcus Featherstone
Dilys Laye as Poppy Burridge
Christopher Haley as Hal Fitton
Michael Melia as 'Sock' Petrie
Elinor Morriston as Biddy Pagett
John Horsley as Colonel Gyrth
Avril Elgar as Kitty Berry
Joan Heal as Aunt Harriet 'Hatt' Huntingforest
Robert Robinson as Alistair Barber
Philippa Urquhart as Miss Curley
Amanda Elwes as Janet Pursuivant
Milton Johns as William Potter
Fiona Lawrence as Beth Cairey
Claire Williamson as Effie Rowlandson
Amanda Harris as Linda
Philip Dupuy as Benny Konrad
David Haig as Cully Randall
Francesca Hall as Miss Netley
Jonathan Moore as Riggett
Miles Anderson as Anthony Datchett
Philip Bird as Rev. Philip Bathwick
John Franklyn-Robbins as Andrew Seeley
Gillian Martell as Julia Faraday
Hilary Mason as Mrs. Munsey
Tim Wylton as George Faraday
Gabrielle Lloyd as Finny
Valentine Pelka as Eager-Wright
Robert Hamilton as Inspector Pusey
Carole Ruggier as Rosa
Nikki Belsher as 'Slippers' Bellew
Edward Kelsey as George Willsmore
Frank Mills as Scatty Williams
Elizabeth Chambers as Claire Potter
Carol Gillies as Alice
Adrian Lukis as Matt D'Urfey
Paul Brooke as Mr. Parrott
Roger Hammond as Mr. Kettle
John Burgess as Dr. Fettes
Roy Evans as Branch
Peter Tuddenham as Pepper
Michael Beint as Landlord
Patricia Maynard as Teddie Dell
Mark Rogers as Mr. Green
Andrew Dunford as Ernie Walker
Barbara Bolton as Cuddy
Tony Steedman as Dr. Bouverie
Ian Jentle as Horace Putnam
Mike Charles as Roland Isidore 'Pig' Peters
Robin Hart as Young Royle
Barry Summerford as Peaky Doyle
Arthur Wilman as Henry
Alan Cody as Natty Johnson
Terry Medlicott as Fingers Hawkins
Dinny Powell as Major King

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Campion: BBC Series 1 [1989]
~ Peter Davison, Brian Glover



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