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'Family Affairs' was a long-running British soap, which ran on Channel 5 for 2,285 episodes between 1997 and 2005.

As with all soaps, the characters that live longest in the memory are the bad guys (or gals), and in 'Family Affairs' the baddest guy was Pete Callan (David Easter).

- Paul Rance/

Family Affairs Main Cast List

Ebony Thomas as Yasmin Green
Kazia Pelka as Chrissy Costello
Florence Hoath as George Fitzgerald
David Easter as Pete Callan
Nicola Duffett as Cat MacKenzie
Jan Harvey as Babs Woods
Kate Williams as Myra Costello
Andrew Hinton-Brown as Hector Price
Gary Webster as Gary Costello
Robyn Page as Katie Williams
Ian Cullen as Angus Hart
Perdita Avery as Meredith Lovechild
Leah Coombes as Chloe Costello
Zara Dawson as Eve O'Brien
Liz Crowther as Annie Hart
Gareth Hale as Doug MacKenzie
Gary Pillai as DC MaClean
Martin Delaney as Paul Webb
Hosh Kane as Sami Shafiq
Spencer McLaren as Brett Owen
Graham Bryan as Marc MacKenzie
Katy Edwards as Coral Wilding
Richard Frame as Reverend Damian Harrison
Felix Scott as Nathan Fletcher
Ryan Davenport as Justin MacKenzie
Daniel Hyde as Jason Wilding



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