Becoming a series in 2008, here's a review of the pilot episode of 'George Gently'


'George Gently' began as an excellent pilot episode screened on Easter Sunday, 2007. This BBC1 drama, based on Alan Hunter's books, and set in 1964, saw Martin Shaw, as saintly and laid back ex Metropolitan Police detective George Gently, going to Northumberland to solve one more case before retiring.

The case Gently was looking to solve was personal, as he suspected psychopathic gangster Joe Webster (Phil Davis) was responsible for the death of his wife, Isabella, and Webster is now involved, it seems, in the deaths of two young bikers. With some skilful twists and turns, one hopes that 'George Gently' will be made into a series.

Richard Armitage played Ricky Deeming the charismatic leader of the gang of bikers, and Lee Ingleby was Gently's youthful and bigoted sidekick, Detective Sergeant John Bacchus - though he was beginning to feel the gently touch by the end, as the chemistry grew.

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George Gently Pilot Episode Main Cast List

Martin Shaw as George Gently
Lee Ingleby as Detective Sergeant John Bacchus
Richard Armitage as Ricky Deeming
Philip Davis as Joe Webster (as Phil Davis)
Shaun Evans as Lawrence Elton
Christian Cooke as Billy Lister
Sean McGinley as China Mates
Alvaro Lucchesi as Roberto Minchella
Suzy Lawlor as Shirley
Owen Roe as Inspector Setters
Maria Tecce as Isabella Gently
Simon Hubbard as PC
Chris McHallem as Cleric
Claire Rushbrook as Valerie Lister
Amy Huberman as Charlie

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