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Generally regarded as the best Bond film, with several of the most famous moments ever seen on film: the lovely Shirley Eaton (playing Jill Masterson) lethally painted all over in gold, a nervous James narrowly escaping castration by laser, and Oddjob using his bowler as a weapon of decapitation, and hanging onto his hat as the sparks fly.

Sean Connery was in his prime here, playing James Bond with the usual cool wit and charm, and there's a panache that pervades the whole film.

Honor Blackman had already made a name for herself as the action girl Cathy Gale in the British fantasy TV show, 'The Avengers', so it was only natural she'd make a good Bond girl - arguably the best. Her character Pussy Galore matches Bond in every department, and 1964 seems an innocent time, when no-one really batted an eyelid at her name.

Gert Fröbe is a superb villain, playing Auric Goldfinger with cheerful gusto, and no-one else has quite said "Mr. Bond" with such understated menace. Talking of menace, his quiet sidekick, Oddjob, played by Harold Sakata, is right up there with Richard Kiel's Jaws as the Bond baddies you'd least like to cross.

There's a strong cast all round, including 'regulars' Bernard Lee as M, and Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny.

Shirley Bassey's memorable theme song also contributed into making this one of the best remembered films of the '60s.

- Paul Rance/

Goldfinger Main Cast List
Sean Connery as James Bond
Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore
Gert Fröbe as Auric Goldfinger (as Gert Frobe)
Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson
Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson
Harold Sakata as Oddjob
Bernard Lee as M
Martin Benson as Martin Solo
Cec Linder as Felix Leiter
Austin Willis as Simmons
Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny
Bill Nagy as Midnight
Michael Mellinger as Kisch
Peter Cranwell as Johnny
Nadja Regin as Bonita
Richard Vernon as Colonel Smithers
Burt Kwouk as Mr. Ling
Desmond Llewelyn as Q
Mai Ling as Mei-Lei
Varley Thomas as Swiss Gatekeeper
Margaret Nolan as Dink
John McLaren as Brigadier
Robert MacLeod as Atomic Specialist
Victor Brooks as Alfred Blacking
Gerry Duggan as Hawker

Directed by Guy Hamilton


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