'The Italian Job' was a popular British movie set in Turin and London, written by Troy Kennedy-Martin - with familiar faces such as Michael Caine at his chirpy best, Noel Coward as a master crim, and Benny Hill playing to type. Look out, also, for a very young Robert Powell as Yellow.

A gang of British crooks try to put one over their Italian foes, while the England football team are playing Italy in Turin, and hoping the police will be distracted.

Good songs, too, as this soundtrack CD track listing indicates (which was produced by the legendary Quincy Jones):

  1. The Italian Job
  2. Something's Cookin'
  3. Hello Mrs. Beckerman!
  4. Britannia And Mr Bridger, if you please
  5. Trouble For Charlie
  6. On Days Like These
  7. It's Caper Time
  8. Meanwhile Back In The Mafia
  9. Smell The Gold!
  10. Greensleeves And All The Jazz
  11. On Days Like These (Reprise)
  12. Getta Bloomin' Move On!

There was a remake of 'The Italian Job' in 2003.

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And, of course, the famous line! "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

The Italian Job Main Cast List

Michael Caine as Charlie Croker
Noel Coward as Mr. Bridger (as NoŽl Coward)
Benny Hill as Professor Simon Peach
Raf Vallone as Altabani
Tony Beckley as 'Camp' Freddie
Rossano Brazzi as Roger Beckerman
Margaret Blye as Lorna (as Maggie Blye)
Irene Handl as Miss Peach
John Le Mesurier as Governor
Fred Emney as Birkinshaw
John Clive as Garage Manager
Graham Payn as Keats
Michael Standing as Arthur
Stanley Caine as Coco
Barry Cox as Chris
Harry Baird as Big William
George Innes as Bill Bailey
John Forgeham as Frank
Robert Powell as Yellow
Derek Ware as Rozzer
Frank Jarvis as Roger
David Salamone as Dominic
Richard Essome as Tony
Mario Valgoi as Manzo
Renato Romano as Cosca
Franco Novelli as Altabani's Driver
Robert Rietty as Police Chief
Timothy Bateson as Dentist
David Kelly as Vicar
Arnold Diamond as Senior Computer Room Officer
Simon Dee as Adrian
Alastair Hunter as Warder (Cinema) (as Alistair Hunter)
Lana Gatto as Mrs. Cosca
John Morris as Standin
Louis Mansi as Computer Room Official

Directed by Peter Collinson

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