The Mark of Zorro


In one of the finest of all swashbucklers, Tyrone Power is not all he seems.

Power plays the pampered and seemingly lazy Don Diego Vega, who condemns the masked bandit Zorro for terrorising the rich and cruel ruling classes.

It is, of course, Diego Vega who is Zorro, and his duel with the loathsome Captain Esteban Pasquale (superbly played by Basil Rathbone) is the stuff of legend.

A very young and pretty Linda Darnell is the love interest, who sees Zorro for the good guy he is.

I suppose a rather predictable ending, but an uplifting one.

The flamboyant, frenetic music of Alfred Newman complemented the film and earned him an Oscar nomination.

- Paul Rance/


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The Mark Of Zorro Main Cast List

Tyrone Power as Don Diego Vega/Zorro
Linda Darnell as Lolita Quintero
Basil Rathbone as Captain Esteban Pasquale
Gale Sondergaard as Inez Quintero
Eugene Pallette as Fray Felipe
J. Edward Bromberg as Don Luis Quintero Montagu Love as Don Alejandro Vega
Janet Beecher as Seņora Isabella Vega
George Regas as Sergeant Gonzales
Chris-Pin Martin as The Turnkey
Robert Lowery as Rodrigo
Belle Mitchell as Maria de Lopez
John Bleifer as Pedro
Frank Puglia as Propietor

Directed by Rouben Mamoulian


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