Vincent Price is magnificent as the hammy Shakespearian actor Edward Lionheart. Thought to be dead, he wreaks deadly revenge on all the critics (and there were many) who had hoped they had seen the last of his wretched performances.

This is a film with an ingenious idea. Namely, Lionheart takes the deaths of characters in Shakespeare plays, and plays them out for real - with the critics as his victims.

Ably assisted by his daughter, played quite coolly by Diana Rigg, they go around dispatching many leading critics in a matter-of-fact way.

Ian Hendry, however, proves a harder nut to crack...I won't spoil the ending, but it's not the one I wanted! Also, look out for all Lionheart's victims. It reads like a 'Who's Who' of British acting.

- Paul Rance/


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Theatre Of Blood Main Cast List

Vincent Price as Edward Lionheart
Diana Rigg as Edwina Lionheart
Ian Hendry as Peregrine Devlin
Harry Andrews as Trevor Dickman
Coral Browne as Miss Chloe Moon
Robert Coote as Oliver Larding
Jack Hawkins as Solomon Psaltery
Michael Hordern as George Maxwell
Arthur Lowe as Horace Sprout
Robert Morley as Meredith Merridew
Dennis Price as Hector Snipe
Milo O'Shea as Inspector Boot
Eric Sykes as Sergeant Dogge
Madeline Smith as Rosemary
Diana Dors as Maisie Psaltry
Joan Hickson as Mrs. Sprout
Renée Asherson as Mrs. Maxwell
Bunny Reed as Policeman
Peter Thornton as Policeman
Charles Sinnickson as Vicar
Brigid Erin Bates as Agnes
Tutte Lemkow as Meths Drinker
Stanley Bates as Meths Drinker
Eric Francis as Meths Drinker
Sally Gilmore as Meths Drinker
John Gilpin as Meths Drinker
Joyce Graeme as Meths Drinker
Jack Maguire as Meths Drinker
Declan Mulholland as Meths Drinker

Directed by Douglas Hickox

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